Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bannbodo 1313

Music Bio of Bannbodo

The Bannbodo was formed in the year 2005 with the members Amigo as the key person of the band on guitars, on Yasin (SpongeBob) drums, Boy on bass and Fird on the vocals. That was fun days for Bannbodo, finding gigs and any shows for the band to expose themself.

In 2006, Bannbodo wrote their 1st song, emotionally murdered. Influence with hardcore material shits. Few months after that, bannbodo trying to exploit their instruments with some influence by Pantera (Of cos), Killswitch Engage and few other more metal bands around the world. That was Stupid Plague came from, with full hearted lyrics, and crazy ass guitar riffs.

In the end of 2006, with the Influence of triad life back in hometown. Back in school days, the boys were eager to fights with each other. So Bannbodo remember that moments with I'm Your Enemy. Simple riffs but Bombing sound from Amigo with killing vocals by Fird.

Now, the band members are:-
Amigo - Guitar
Fendi - Throat
Wali - Bass
Along - Drums
Atan - Guitar

Hoping to hear the latest material from them soon.

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